Which BiobiN® is right for my operation?

Three sizes of BiobiN® are available - 1.1m3*, 4.5m3 and 9m3, with the option of resizing the smallest BiobiN® to a 2.2m3 capacity.

So what size will you need?

Talk to a BiobiN® engineer to determine the size that’s right for you. The amount of organic/wet material you produce on a monthly basis and the space available for BiobiN® onsite, will be taken into consideration to find the right fit for your business.

Download our BiobiN® estimated Fill Rates Chart


* 1.1m3 only available in limited sevice areas

arrow "Out of all our waste saving initiatives, the BiobiN® has made the greatest impact on our waste disposal – it has reduced our waste collection by 14 bulk bin removals per week"

Richard Phillips, Chief Engineer
Noosa Sheraton, Queensland



Noosa Sheraton